Our Values

Our Core Values

At St. Ambrose University, we are guided by four fundamental values that embody our spirit and mission. These values are Courage, Wisdom, Justice, and Service. Each value not only defines who we are but also directs our actions and decisions as a community dedicated to excellence in education, research, and societal contributions.

At the heart of our Ambrosian identity is Courage. We lead with integrity, facing challenges head-on while steadfastly upholding truth and justice. Our community is a place where faith and reason intersect, fostering an environment that is open to new ideas while deeply rooted in core principles. Courage empowers us to venture beyond the known, ensuring that we remain adaptive and resilient in all endeavors.

Wisdom is the pursuit that defines our quest for knowledge. In our community, learning is a shared journey where we seek understanding from, about, and with others. This journey is grounded in humility, enabling us to make ethical decisions, challenge our preconceptions, and grow from every experience. Wisdom is our guiding light, ensuring our actions are informed, reflective, and purposeful.

Justice is our commitment to improving the human condition. We are dedicated to the common good, advocating for the dignity of all living beings and standing in solidarity with the vulnerable. Our work for justice transcends the boundaries of our campus, driving us to make meaningful contributions to society at large.

Service is the expression of our love and generosity. Through compassionate service, we connect with one another, our communities, and our environment. Our commitment to service is evident in our actions, our academic endeavors, and our dedication to making a positive impact in the world.

At St. Ambrose University, these values are not just ideals we aspire to but principles we live by. They guide us in our mission to educate individuals who will contribute to the betterment of society with courage, wisdom, justice, and a profound sense of service. Join us in making a difference, guided by values that have stood the test of time and will continue to light our way into the future.

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